Kent School Services Network

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What is KSSN?

Kent School Services Network is an exciting initiative that involves many partners, but a single goal: to ensure that all children are healthy and learning. The partners do this by bringing health and human services right into the school building, to help students and families. This idea is called a "community school."

Placing services at school removes many barriers families face in finding services and helps keep students in class all day, every day. When students are in class, they can keep learning and achieving. With Godfrey-Lee providing full-district KSSN services, students' needs can be met, from Kindergarten through 12th Grade.

Let your child's Godfrey-Lee school be your "one-stop shop" for services through KSSN. As KSSN community schools, accessing services is easy - you just need to contact the school! Please return to the KSSN main page for your KSSN community school coordinator's contact information.

Goals of KSSN 

  • Increase student achievement
  • Lower student absences
  • Improve coordination of services
  • Deliver services as they are needed

All Day Every Day School AttendanceAll Day Every Day

School attendance is essential to academic success. Let's ensure our students are at school "All Day Every Day."

At every level, parent and family engagement is a key component of effective, comprehensive approaches to reducing chronic absence. All of us — schools, preschools, community agencies, and parents, themselves, can make a difference by engaging and helping families to nurture a habit of regular attendance, so they can help their children realize their hopes and dreams.

What do we do to improve attendance:

  • Orient parents on school policies and expectations for student attendance and on-time arrival.
  • Eliminate barriers to attendance and learning. by providing Mental Health and Human services on-site.
  • Communicate often (as needed) to provide all families with information on absences and tardies.
  • Reward students for excellent attendance (this is not the same as perfect attendance, rewarding students for improved attendance as well).
  • Make home visits.
  • Refer chronically absent students to a school counselor or truant officer, who intervenes in firm, but positive ways.

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