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What is Strategic Planning?

A district-wide strategic plan is a guiding document that serves as a vehicle for a school district to move into the future with intentionality.

Most school district strategic plans utilize a development process that includes organizational visioning, the examination of a school community’s core values, and the articulation of specific strategic goals that include defined plans of action.

Strategic goals are often focused on student achievement, governance, finance, operations, and/or culture; however, the plan for any given school district must be customized to the unique needs of the district. 

Why do we need a strategic plan?

  • Serves as a beacon for the school district 
  • Shapes decision-making over a period of time (typically 3 years)
  • Serves as a “North Star” for all school improvement efforts
  • Helps the Board of Education focus on governance processes
  • Helps school leadership focus on operations
  • Provides a structure for the greater school community to monitor and measure progress toward goals

Common Components of a School Strategic Plan:

  1. Overview
  2. Core Values
  3. Vision Statement
  4. Mission Statement
  5. Strategic Goals (3-5 goal areas)
    1. Goal descriptions
    2. Action plans for each goal area (including activities, resources needed, assigned personnel, and timeline)
    3. Evaluation metrics
  6. Conclusion

Strategic Planning Timeline & Board UPDATES

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