COVID-19 Information

Mental Health, Social-Emotional Learning and COVID-19

Uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has created stress for parents, students and staff. Fear and anxiety about a disease, having our day-to-day routines altered, and the economic ramifications that result can become overwhelming. 

We believe social-emotional wellness of our community is a priority as we move through this time. Being purposeful about practicing self-care is key to coping with heightened stress. 

The Godfrey-Lee Social Emotional Learning team has created a list of resources for families, students and staff to access wellness resources, including contact information for the social worker/counselor in each building, crisis numbers, and activities of various topics. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your building support staff with questions or concerns via email. We are here to support you.



District and Community Partner contact information. ​Información de contacto del socio del distrito y de la comunidad.

District and Community Contacts List