Teaching and Learning Design

The Teaching and Learning Design Department operationalizes the mission and vision of the Godfrey-Lee Public School district by supporting a multi-tiered system of 6C instruction for all students so that we can together build a more equitable classroom, school, neighborhood, city, and world. In partnership with community, staff, families, and other departments, our team strives to keep students at the center of decision-making as we use collaborative design processes that begin with developing and defining possible ideas to see old problems through new eyes. Through programs such as curriculum design, private and government grant writing and development, professional development, state and local assessments, and teacher coaching, evaluation, and mentoring, we work to transform teaching and learning from content consumption to knowledge creation, so that each teacher and student finds meaning and joy in discovering their unique brilliance through daily experiences with collaboration, communication, content, critical thinking, creative innovation, and confidence.

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